Men's health - men do not get sick - right?

Attention: XY endangers your health!

Meanwhile, empirical studies show that men drink too much, smoke too much, eat poorly and are far less likely to participate in health promotion and screening than women.

A study by the Institute for Public Health at the University of Bremen comes to the conclusion that between the ages of 30 and 65, men's mortality is twice as high as in women, mainly due to:

  • accidents
  • suicides
  • Circulatory diseases
  • Diseases of the digestive organs

This reflects the greater risk tolerance of men in dealing with their health and the riskier working conditions. "The reasons for these behaviors lie to a not inconsiderable extent in gender stereotypes and the resulting socially accepted behaviors [...] of men also in dealing with their bodies, " says the study. Men live more risky because their role as men dictates this behavior.

The result is an exciting question: "Can men change their (health) behavior without questioning their gender role?"

Men do not get sick - right?

Above all, the triumph of Viagra and Co. has contributed to the fact that the terms "men" and "health" could connect to a term "men's health". At the same time, this is one of the main problems in the perception of "men's health": it is all too often reduced to prostate problems and erectile dysfunction.

Here, men's health is an issue that should be considered as a holistic task, especially as erectile problems are often secondary phenomena and the main problem is in the cardiovascular system - if sought in time.

Men go to the doctor later

Again, this aspect is a male-specific: Men usually go to the doctor only when the child has fallen into the well. Illness, pain and discomfort are signs of weakness and must be kept secret, so doctor visits are often delayed until the last.

The Duisburg urologist and gynecologist Günther H. Jacobi sends a sad testimony to his peers when he says. "Men do not know their body data and know little about their meaning. Men taking blood thinning treatment do not know what the Quick Value is, and male diabetics know less about their current blood sugar than women, and if men are asked about the medications they take every day, they do not know that. "

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