The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach

Butterflies in the air, butterflies in the stomach. When the power of the sun's rays gets stronger, the mind lights up, the hormone balance gets going and the feeling of happiness is revived: spring fever! Is it possible to increase the desire for life and love with food? Casanova swore by oysters, caviar and raw eggs, in Asia they put on certain animal extracts and in this country, there are catering service providers who have erotic buffets in the program: Natural aphrodisiacs - named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love of antiquity - standing synthetic competition high in the price.

Pleasure or frustration?

Many of the natural lust-enhancing foods simply owe their reputation to their looks - just think of asparagus and figs. Others they are not miracle drugs and can not increase the actual potency, but have ingredients whose effect can support the desire: they increase blood circulation, stimulate the circulation, increase the sensitivity. These substances include phenylethylamine, which as a body's own messenger increases pleasure and happiness, androstenol, a component of men's sweat that attracts women or zinc, important for testosterone production.

Alkaloids are also often included, nitrogen-containing compounds, some of which have a strong effect on the human psyche and consciousness, so in higher doses can also be toxic. They increase the mood and the blood pressure, which makes you feel more vital and powerful. Another key substance is the happiness hormone serotonin, which mediates well-being and relaxation.

Natural pleasure from A-Z

The following foods or ingredients are reputed to help eroticism on the jumps:

  • Alcohol: In small amounts it stimulates and detoxifies, in larger quantities nothing happens quickly.
  • Oysters: Contain such a large protein-zinc mixture as no other food source. They give tired men energy and promote the production of the male sex hormone
  • Chili: Contains plenty of alkaloids, especially the metabolism-stimulating capsaicin.
  • Pomegranate: The love fruit is the symbol of Aphrodite - and there is actually something in it: the alkaloid piperine, which stimulates the metabolism and secretion of the mucous membranes.
  • Ginger: Gingerols (pungent) and essential oils have a stimulating effect.
  • Nutmeg: For a long time coveted, but not dangerous! The spicy nut contains essential oils that have intoxicating and stimulating effects. The main active ingredient Myristicin is incidentally starting substance for the drug ecstasy (MDMA)
  • Cloves: The flower buds form the aromatic spice, which should be dosed only sparingly, as it has a strong stimulating, but also anesthetic. The essential oil contains the mind-expanding eugenol.
  • Parsley: In root and leaves are not only vitamins and minerals, but also essential oils with the active ingredients Apiol (which not only helps with menstrual cramps, but also to stimulate male potency) and myristicin.
  • Pepper: contains freshly ground essential oils and the alkaloid piperine.
  • Vanilla: Its aroma is similar to human sexual attractants. These pheromones are especially effective together with cocoa, which contains invigorating caffeine and phenylethylamine.
  • Other foods that are said to increase their appetite include ginseng, linseed oil, celery, sesame, truffle, and wheat germ oil.

Erotic trappings

With or without these ingredients - a lovingly prepared meal can become a successful prelude, especially when staged accordingly. Fragrances, appearance and taste of the food contribute to the sensual atmosphere as well as a sophisticated table, soft light and erotic music.

But beware: a very rich, fat food makes you tired! Instead of meat, focus on vegetable dishes and salad. And do not forget to take off the kitchen apron! The most important genital organ of man, however, is ultimately his brain. Also with the food memories and fantasies are linked, which you can make use of. Thus, a delightfully staged dish from the Mediterranean cuisine can evoke memories of the last holiday and put you and your partner in a suitable mood.

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