Apprenticeship away because of visual defects?

After the annual run on vacant apprenticeships, young people who already have an apprenticeship can be lucky. Before it starts with the new period of life, they still have to go to the medical examination. But how big is the consternation, when it suddenly turns out that a health problem stands in the way of the dream job. For these disappointments is often the cause of a visual defect, an example: Eight percent of men and 0.8 percent of women suffer from a color vision deficiency, usually they can not correctly distinguish red and green.

Early walk to the ophthalmologist saves disappointments

For many professions, however, this ability is an important prerequisite. Car painters, for example, people who monitor production processes on the monitor or electronics technicians who have to distinguish colored wires, can not practice their profession without an intact color vision.

But it does not have to come that far. Dr. Georg Eckert, spokesman for the Professional Association of Ophthalmologists (BVA), advises against disappointment: "We recommend that parents go to the ophthalmologist with their children at least two years before graduation. If necessary, they can do something about it - or, if there is no treatment option, they can advise on which professions are not suitable, otherwise parents and adolescents will have enough time to orientate themselves towards another dream job. "

The right visual aid for every job

In addition to color vision, many other components play a role when it comes to vision: twilight vision, visual acuity at all distances and the interaction of both eyes, for example. Those who sit in front of the screen a lot in their profession do not have to expect - as is often assumed - a deterioration in their sight. A vision defect, however, can cause other health problems: Anyone who constantly stumbles to the monitor, risking tension, headaches and postural damage.

The fact that the ophthalmologist adapts glasses beforehand can be so decisive for job performance. But what is helpful for one profession can be a hindrance for another: lifeguards or cooks like to fog up the glasses, and kindergarten teachers often have to defend them from the violent movements of their protégés.

Contact lenses can be the better alternative. They can also be worn under goggles, which is crucial in many craft professions. Important for contact lenses is that they are adapted by the ophthalmologist to ensure the compatibility of the lenses.

Statutory examination says too little

Dream job Policewoman, roofer or surveyor - these and many more require a perfect peripheral vision. The field of vision must therefore not be limited, the view from the corners of the eyes must work. As a rule, the medical examination prescribed by the Youth Employment Protection Act before the start of the apprenticeship is not carried out by the ophthalmologist but by a general practitioner. A review of the field of vision is also not provided - it is only tested the central visual acuity for the distance and color vision. Serious vision problems can easily be overlooked.

"If it only turns out to be a young person during his training that he is not suitable for his job, then he is very hurt and disappointed." Uwe Kraffel, first chairman of the BVA. "Therefore, we advise parents and students to have an early examination with specialist eye care, and if it turns out that everything is alright, everyone can be all the more happy."

Source: Professional Association of Ophthalmologists Germany eV (BVA)

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