Liver spots and sun protection factor

Most people have liver spots (birthmarks, nevi). A mole is a benign malformation of the skin. Liver stains occur mainly during childhood. How many "speckles" are formed depends primarily on the genetic makeup. But UV radiation also plays a role in liver spots. Therefore, it is important to choose the correct sun protection factor of the sunscreen in sun to protect liver spots from UV radiation.

Protect liver spots from the sun

Anyone can easily check this with themselves: on the top of the forearm, which is exposed to frequent intense sunshine, there are usually more liver spots than on the underside of the upper arms. The initially harmless spots may change in adults under certain circumstances and lead to black skin cancer (melanoma). Who has many liver spots, in which the risk of melanoma is increased. Therefore, it is important to reduce the development of liver spots in children through appropriate sun protection.

Children and liver spots

A Canadian study shows that this is possible with the help of sunscreen products with high sun protection factors (SPF). 458 children took part in the three-year study. Those children who were protected by their parents consistently and with high sun protection factors (at least 30) developed fewer new nevi than the children who used weaker sunscreens. This success was particularly evident in children with many freckles: the well-protected freckled children had 30 to 40 percent fewer new liver spots after three years than the children with many freckles in the control group who were not consistently protected with high sun protection factors.


The later melanoma risk of a child can now be lowered by suitable sunscreen. It is important to prevent any sunburn, however light it may be. The best protection is shade, clothing and avoiding the particularly intense midday sun. Uncovered areas of skin must, in the southern climes, even when staying in the shade, be consistently protected by sunscreen with high factors. Suitable for example is a children's sunscreen with SPF 35 / UVA 16, for a long stay in the sun or in intensive sunshine SPF 60 / UVA 16.

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