Liver - what harm does the liver?

When will alcohol consumption be critical for the liver?

VM: Men usually tolerate more alcohol than women because of their larger liver and larger muscle mass compared to fat. It is also crucial whether alcohol consumption is rare or daily. As a rule of thumb, half a liter of beer or a quarter of a liter of wine a day does not cause liver damage. But every day a whole liter of beer or half a liter of wine already makes significantly measurable liver damage over time.

High-percentage alcohol quickly leads to liver damage

Anyone who drinks 2 - 3 liters of beer on the weekend, but then no alcohol for 6 days, hardly needs to worry about liver damage. It is different if additional schnapps is drunk. In women, a little less, depending on body weight. A woman weighing 50 kg can only tolerate half the weight of a man weighing 80 kg.

Fat food: When will it be critical for the liver?

VM: When the bile compartment of the liver is disturbed, it manifests as a feeling of pressure in the right upper abdomen, in a light stool, in the intestines, bloating, diarrhea or constipation. If the bile duct is obstructed by stones, inflammation or cramping, which may also be mental, the chair may even become completely gray-white.

These patients should avoid oils, especially if heated above 60 degrees Celsius. You should eat butter, cook with butter or clarified butter and fry and use in the salad only cold-pressed thistle oil or olive oil. Walnut oil makes bile colic the quickest, so these patients should never eat more than 5 walnuts a day at Christmas.

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