laughing is healthy

laughing is healthy

Unbelievable but true, which diverse influences a heartfelt laugh on the body has:

  • The body's immune system is activated, stimulating the metabolism
  • improves the circulation of the heart and lungs
  • The stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol are broken down
  • lowered blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • relaxes the muscles
  • the circulation is intensified
  • reduces the sensation of pain
  • promoted the concentration
  • Fears are dismantled.

And of course the good mood increases as well. Laughter is an absolute stress killer because the resulting endorphins are successful opponents of the disease-causing stress hormones. So-called "laugh seminars" are becoming increasingly popular, for example for entrepreneurs and their teams. They use the seminars to break the established thinking patterns of their employees.

As the intellect fades into the background, activating the right brain, emotional tension dissolves and heads become free for creative thoughts and solutions.

The world laugh movement

Incidentally, the father of the Weltlachbewegung is the Indian dr. Madan Kataria. The healing power of laughter is cultivated here on the basis of ancient yoga knowledge. In the meantime, more than 300, 000 people worldwide are meeting for this special form of meditation, where special exercises help to make the baseless laugh of childhood accessible again. In Germany alone there are 45 laugh clubs.

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