Dandelion - Do not mow, but eat

Because of weeds and rabbit food: The dandelion weed, which is native to all of Europe, often frowned upon as a weed, is experiencing a renaissance because it is versatile not only in the kitchen but also in medicine. Its over 500 nicknames indicate that the dandelion, whose botanical name is Taraxacum officinale ("bitter herb"), is a well-known plant. The common name "Bed Pisser" or "Bedchissa" is probably due to its diuretic properties; He is also called, among others, dog, sheep, pig, devil flower and Saurüssel. In addition, he also has a little less harsh names such as butter or Pusteblume or Bavarian gentian.

Dandelion - magical medicinal plant

When you rubbed your body with dandelion, every wish came true, according to old witch beliefs. The Indians of North America smoked the dried leaves in their shamanic rituals. In the night before All Saints' Day (Halloween) dandelion belongs to the so-called "Samhain ritual" with divination and necromancy.

Once the dandelion has blossomed, it forms hundreds of small umbrellas - the popular dandelion is created. This is also suitable as a "prophetess". In the past, young girls and women in particular used the number of remaining fruits to determine how many years it would take to get married, or they interpreted the small parasol remaining after the blow as information about their years of life.

Another superstition relates to the color of the fruit soil after it has been blown out: if it is white, you go to heaven, it is black, into purgatory. Who can blow away all the fruits at once, is a lucky child, maybe even an angel. Who creates it after the third blow, whose wishes come true. Dandelion was also supposed to make warts disappear if they were drizzled with dandelion juice on the third day as the moon waned.

Dandelion as a vegetable

Today, dandelion is used more as a vegetable than as a future giver. You can sauté it, eat it raw as a salad or even prepare it with nettles as a soup; He tastes excellent in any case. Everything is used in the dandelion: the leaves that are tender before flowering, the roots and also the flowers. They are rich in bitter substances, vitamins and minerals.

In medicine, the dandelion has been used against many ailments. Dandelion has a stimulating effect on the entire cell metabolism, stimulates liver function, activates hormone production and is generally recommended for the prevention of liver and gall bladder problems. By the bitter substances the whole digestion, above all the production of the bile juice and thus the fat digestion are facilitated.

Tips about the dandelion

The dandelion is particularly suitable for its purifying effect for a summer cure. Who has the goal to excrete the accumulated in the winter "metabolic waste" and to cleanse the blood, should perform a cure with pure natural medicinal plant juice dandelion.

  • Positive side effect: dandelion juice also improves the appearance of the skin.
  • The bitter taste fits perfectly with spicy sauces and grilled meats.
  • Dressing: with lemon, garlic; in cottage cheese
  • Domestic Goods: From April to October
  • Tip: the younger (= lighter, softer) the leaves, the milder the dandelion.
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