Circulatory problems - what to do?

Circulatory problems after sport

Some exercise usually gets the circulation going - but some people also complain about circulatory problems after or during exercise.

If you suffer from circulatory problems over and over again, you should think about whether you put too much strain on your training. Then it is recommended to reduce the scope and intensity of the training. Otherwise, you should have a thorough medical check-up.

Gradually stop exercising while exercising

Another cause of post-exercise circulatory problems may be incorrect behavior after endurance training. During exercise, the blood vessels in the muscles are greatly expanded, so that the muscles can be optimally supplied with oxygen. If the movement abruptly stops - for example, if you simply stop after jogging - it can happen that larger amounts of blood in the legs drown and the brain is no longer sufficiently supplied with blood.

To avoid circulatory problems after exercise - especially after jogging - you should always make sure to stop the movement gradually. For example, take a few steps after jogging. The movement of the muscles promotes the return of the blood to the heart.

Weather as a trigger

Whether warmth, cold, sun or rain: our body always adapts to current changes in temperature or air pressure. For persons who are particularly sensitive to the weather, larger changes can lead to circulatory problems. It can cause dizziness, headaches, tiredness and sleep disorders. People who suffer from low blood pressure are particularly affected.

To prevent weather-related circulatory problems, it is advisable to go in the wind and weather regularly in the fresh air. Already through a short walk, the organism learns to adapt better to temperature fluctuations. For acute ailments, showers may be helpful as they increase blood flow.

Circulatory problems in pregnancy

One group that is often affected by circulatory problems are pregnant women. During pregnancy, the symptoms are caused by the changes that the cardiovascular system undergoes during the nine months. For example, heart rate increases and blood volume increases.

In addition, there is an enlargement of the blood vessels during pregnancy, whereby the blood can drown faster in the legs. This can lead to circulatory problems especially when getting up in the morning. That's why women should definitely take time to get up during pregnancy. It also helps some pregnant women to drink a glass of water before getting up.

Circulatory problems - what to do?

The treatment of circulatory problems always depends on the underlying cause. The primary goal of therapy is to stabilize circulation and restore adequate blood flow. To find out the cause, you can even monitor your circulatory problems and, if you have a meter, your blood pressure.

A doctor should also diagnose existing underlying diseases and take regular medications. It is also important if the circulatory problems only occur in certain situations, such as getting up.

How to become active yourself: 6 tips against circulatory problems

If you occasionally suffer from circulatory problems, you can usually fight them well yourself. We introduce you to six simple tricks:

  1. Get your circulation going with alternating showers.
  2. Make sure you drink enough fluid (at least two liters per day).
  3. Exercise regularly and abstain from nicotine and luscious food in conjunction with alcohol consumption.
  4. Avoid getting up quickly: Especially in the morning, you should sit on the edge of the bed for a short time before jumping out of bed. Alternatively, you can get the circulation going while you're lying down with a little morning gymnastics.
  5. Take enough cooking salt. However, make sure that your salt consumption remains within the normal range, because too much salt can harm the body.
  6. High blood pressure drugs can be used in the short term against circulatory problems if blood pressure is low. However, children and pregnant women should take the medication only after consulting a doctor.

Home remedies for circulatory problems

There are a few home remedies that have been proven in case of cranial problems:

  • Pour some dried peppermint leaves over with boiling milk. Leave the milk for five minutes and then drink it in small sips.
  • Drink a cup of sage or rosemary tea, which stimulates the circulation.
  • Eat a few walnuts daily, these have a stabilizing effect on the circulation.

In acute circulatory problems, you should sit down or lie down and legs up. Even cool envelopes can help to remedy the circulatory problem.

If symptoms persist for a prolonged period of time, occur more frequently, or are more pronounced, you should consult a doctor.

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