Creative insights

Creative insights from A to Z

  • Work on your creativity. Others do it too. Fear of own ideas is the death of creativity.
  • Meanings, concepts are not fixed - you can change them.
  • Think about it. Not the first best, but the first and the best.
  • Narrow down problems - this is the only way to get to the heart of things. Experiences are only useful if you multiply them.
  • Lack of creativity is lack of self-confidence.
  • Brainstorms are good. Healthy creativity is better.
  • Do not stick with the possible. Sometimes the impossible is much more appealing.
  • Are you interested in everything? Creativity needs food.
  • Everyone can be creative.
  • Concentration translates into creativity. Always!
  • Solutions can be found, but rarely invented.
  • Mean is the death of all things.
  • New ideas have a high mortality rate. Therefore, always develop new ones.
  • No rating no rating. Without evaluation no problem solution.
  • Do not create problems, but problem solutions and ideas.
  • Do not encourage others with your ideas, not on. Actionism has nothing to do with creativity.
  • Bad ideas are better than none - good ideas, of course, better than bad ones.
  • Train yourself in the ability to be creative.
  • Dissatisfaction is useful when it causes us to act.
  • Regulations also have advantages - they can be improved and changed.
  • Change the viewing angle more often. From a different perspective, problems also look different.
  • Do not suffer from an idea. Then develop a new one.
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