Noise as a cause of death?

For whales, the crash in the oceans is life-threatening. The animals use their sophisticated hearing to find prey, to orient themselves and to communicate with other whales. But this is becoming increasingly difficult: The increasing noise in the seas by shipping traffic, underwater drilling or sound experiments of the military disturbs the life of the great marine mammals and sometimes even destroys it.

The problem

Water transmits sound waves differently than air. This allows whales to communicate with each other over hundreds of kilometers. But the sea carries not only the whale song, but also the noise that humans produce, many nautical miles far. As a result, the sea creatures are threatened by a constant noise that puts them under stress. For example, the countless rigs in the North Sea confuse passing whales. Animals, which otherwise can easily find their way, lose their orientation in this noise. They are stranded in the shallow North Sea water and die.

Escape from noise

The noise also causes hearing damage to whales and dolphins. Due to poor hearing and additional noise not only potential prey animals, but also predators, which can be dangerous to the animals, are perceived too late. Fleeing the noise, the diving behavior of the animals changes, evidently triggering the deadly symptoms of the plague, complains the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, which is also committed to the day against noise.
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