Herbal tea: preparation

Herbal teas are healthy and inexpensive, and are particularly suitable for the treatment of minor everyday diseases, such as colds, indigestion and mild respiratory diseases. But also for metabolic stimulation and general disease prevention.

Preparation of herbal teas

In the preparation of herbal tea care is needed so that the tea can also work properly. One distinguishes between infusion, extract (extract) and decoctions:

  • During the infusion, the desired tea herbs are doused with boiling water in a classic way, covered and sieved off after 5-15 minutes (also called "straining" in technical jargon).
  • When boiling, the herbs are first covered in cold water and then boiled (3-15 min.), Then sieved.
  • An extract is not cooked at all. Leave the herbs in cold water for up to 8 hours; then they are screened.

Note: Medicinal plant teas are considered medicinal products under the Medicines Act. Therefore, for more than 4 weeks they should not be taken without medical advice.

Collect and store herbs

Gathering and preparing herbs in nature is fun. The hobby collector should also know a bit so that it does not get confused. The leaves of the coltsfoot and those of the butterbur, for example, are confusingly similar. If one does not recognize the difference between wild garlic leaves and those of the poisonous Herbstzeitlos, this can even have fatal consequences.

Here are some tips for collecting herbs:

  • If you want to collect herbs, you should know the nature conservation regulations and not collect any protected plants, for example arnica.
  • In order to protect one's own health, one leaves plants on busy roads better and also fertilized meadows should be avoided.
  • To save the collected plants and preserve their active ingredients, they are best carried in a basket (not in a plastic bag) home.
  • At home, the herbs are washed off and dried on hurdles or in a linen bag. This must not be done with too much heat or under direct sunlight, otherwise the valuable plant ingredients are broken down.
  • The dried herbs are crushed and stored in dark glass jars. These are best labeled. Because plants with sensitive active substances should not be kept for more than 1 year.
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