Headache - the most common 7 errors

Headaches are a common disease. More than 70 percent of all Germans suffer from it at least temporarily. Nevertheless, most people are poorly informed and many prejudices persist. We introduce the seven most common mistakes about headaches.

Error 1: "You are just too sensitive."

Anyone who lacks a headache at the workplace is quickly considered a mimosa or quitter. This verdict is unfair: "Migraines and headaches are serious illnesses and not a lame excuse, " explains the doctor. Waltraud pastor. "In the worst case, patients have to spend days in the darkened room - work is out of the question."

Error 2: "An Indian knows no pain."

You do not just have to take a headache. On the contrary, if you do not do anything about it, you risk even chronic symptoms. "If the pain gets worse, lasts for a long time or occurs again and again, it is important to see a doctor, " Dr. Pastor.

Error 3: "Rest is the only thing that helps."

Not correct! "Movement relieves tension and alleviates pain, especially for people who suffer from tension headaches, " explains sports scientist Uwe Dresel. The case is different for migraine sufferers: "Although sport is a good means of prevention, because the production of the body's own" painkillers "is stimulated.Accident in an acute migraine attack, however, is not recommended, because exercise aggravates the agony, " said the expert.

Misconception 4: "Then I'll just take a tablet."

Many patients believe that they only need the right medication or a high enough dose to defeat the pain. However, tablets are only one component of effective pain therapy. For example, it is essential to change one's lifestyle. Important are a regular sleep-wake-rhythm, but also a lot of exercise and relaxation.

Error 5: "The cheese was to blame."

Red wine, ripe cheese, citrus fruits and chocolate are just a few foods that are considered potential triggers for migraine attacks. Although patients should take such observations seriously and discuss with their doctor, caution is advised: So far, no specific substance could be safely identified as a trigger. So before you start to override certain foods, you should first observe the symptoms over a longer period of time in order to recognize relationships. To prevent migraine attacks, it is always advisable to eat regularly.

Error 6: "The weather is bothering me."

Hair dryer, high humidity, temperature fluctuations - many headache and migraine sufferers blame the weather for their suffering. In fact, no serious study found a direct link between the "thunderstorm in the head" and the climate. Headache and migraine plagues should therefore pay attention to other possible triggers and the weather do not attach too much importance.

Mistake 7: "Painkillers with caffeine work better."

Although caffeine increases the pain relief, but carries risks: "addictiveness, drug-related headache, stomach, kidney and liver damage are powerful arguments against these so-called combination preparations, " explains pharmacist Claudia Schaa. "More suitable and compatible are analgesics with only one active ingredient."

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