Concentration exercises at the workplace

Whether in the office, at school or at home - in everyday life of modern people, there are similar situations almost everywhere: the list of upcoming and to-be-completed tasks is getting longer, while the concentration and performance seem to decrease to the same extent. It is easier to focus on the growing sense of helplessness and overworking in the face of tasks than on individual tasks. But what does it help, the work is not done by itself! You can learn how to deal with stress without sacrificing your zest for life, your ability to work and your ability to concentrate.

concentration exercises

A harmonious environment, fresh air, balanced nutrition and sufficient sleep are good prerequisites. But often that's just not enough. Concentration exercises help when your capacity reaches its limits and a feeling of being overburdened, unwilling and exhausted threatens to overwhelm you.

Exercises to increase your ability to concentrate will really get your energy flow going again. They relieve tension and tension, invigorate circulation and promote blood circulation. Anger and stress can be shaken off, new strength and energy are gained. Performed regularly, these exercises can help prevent concentration problems.

About Cross exercises

They promote the interaction of the two halves of the brain, increase the capacity and performance. Do not get discouraged if you initially have to think about these exercises while you are performing them. This is a sign that the interaction of your left and right hemisphere is blocked due to stress. You will see that you can quickly automate the movement, a sign that the blockade has been resolved. If you continue doing the exercises regularly, you can avoid future blockages.

1. Cross-Over Exercise Stand upright. Lift your right knee and touch that knee with your left elbow. The right arm swings backwards. Then stand upright again. Then lift your left knee and touch it with your right elbow. Repeat this exercise several times at your own pace.

2. Cross-Over Exercise Now try to use your left hand behind your back to touch your right foot, and vice versa. Your Phanthasia is limitless in these cross-over exercises. You can modify the exercises as you like. This brings variety and extra fun - and that helps against stress and anger. It is important to cross the middle and to coordinate the movements of the right and left half of the body.

Inconspicuous cross-over exercises for anywhere in between

And what if the concentration suddenly stops when driving or in a meeting? Sometimes circumstances do not allow you to get up and start doing gymnastics because of your drop in performance. But there are also helpful exercises for these situations:

1. Rub your ear Rub your right ear with your left hand and your left ear simultaneously or with your right hand.

2. The recumbent eight Follow with the eyes of the line of a recumbent eight. Start in the middle and follow the line to the top left. This exercise is also great for enhancing memory and should be part of every exercise program.

3. Cross your arms, fingers or feet Cross your fingers, arms or feet alternately. This exercise is unremarkable and brings the interplay of the brain halves back to life.

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