Contact Lenses: Cleaning and Care

The storage fluid should be changed each time the contact lens can or the lens is worn. After opening, the bottle should always be closed well and the solution consumed within a few weeks. Otherwise, there is a risk of germs invading, settling on the contact lens and possibly causing inflammation of the eyes.

We often advise against rinsing the lenses with tap water - the lime they contain may damage them and any existing germs may cause inflammation of the eye. Even though water in Germany is generally considered to be sufficiently clean, it is recommended to rinse it off better with the special contact lens fluid, at least before inserting it into the eye. On the other hand, if the lenses are put into the disinfectant solution after rinsing, possible germs are possibly killed.

Compatibility of contact lenses

Occasionally, allergies to the contact lens cleaners occur. In case of signs - itching, burning, redness of the eye or the environment - you should consult immediately with the ophthalmologist before using any other cleaning agent. It must first be clarified which substances trigger the allergy.

Also, the composition of the tear fluid plays a major role in the comfort of wear. Climatic changes in the immediate environment, medications, hormonal processes and the general condition play an important role here. Those who suffer from very dry eyes can be helped with special eye drops.

Swimming with contact lenses

Whether you are allowed to wear contact lenses when swimming or not, that's the point of departure. There are two main points to note:

  • Loss of lens: Especially the hard lenses are lost in the water with open eyes quickly, because they only swim on the tear film of the eye. Soft lenses, on the other hand, adhere better in the water, but can also be washed out by a shaft or similar.
  • Risk of ignition: In particular, the soft lenses are soaked with water and thus also possibly contain any chemical substances contained therein (eg chlorine) or germs. Although these do not damage the contact lens itself, but possibly the eye. Some research has shown that wearing contact lenses while swimming is the most common cause of germinal corneal inflammation.

Several things can help: wearing swimming goggles (or at least keep your eyes slightly closed when swimming), thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the lens immediately after swimming and / or using disposable lenses. It is especially important never to sleep with uncleaned and uninfected lenses after swimming.

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