Contact allergy by carnival makeup

The Jecken are going! Imaginative make-up, brightly colored hair or artificial curls and glittering baubles give the foolish carnival first his colorful face. "But rashes and itching spoil the fun for many a jecke, " Hans-G. Duration, dermatologist in the carnival stronghold Cologne.

Itching allergies through make-up and Co.

"Watching the audience at carnival events, one finds that 10 to 15 percent of itching are plagued, " says Dauer, even an enthusiastic carnival. Because carnival make-up, but also hair dyes and wigs, as well as the now very popular fashion jewelry can irritate the skin and even trigger violent itchy allergies.

"Problematic ingredients are primarily preservatives, such as parabens, as well as dyes and fragrances, " explains the expert. Wigs may contain allergenic rubber gums or even formaldehyde. Some people are allergic to nickel, which may be contained in various accessories.

Stressful factors for the skin

  • In winter, cold and dry heating air are a burden on the skin anyway.
  • Frequent makeup and make-up removal - perhaps with aggressive cleansers - irritate sensitive skin then particularly strong. Perhaps even peels or solarium for flawless skin at the big event and strain the skin additionally.
  • If the skin is "sealed" with carnival make-up, it can be particularly easy to skin irritation in the "sweaty" celebration in stuffy, filled with cigarette smoke air.
  • Fatty makeup also acts "comedogenic", which means that acne pimples and other skin diseases can get worse.
  • Under likewise "airtight" wigs also the scalp sweats extremely strongly and itches.

Consequences and treatment

"In pre-damaged skin allergenic substances can penetrate more easily, " explains Dauer the connections. With appropriate sensitization, any further skin contact with the allergen then leads to allergic reactions: the immune system of the skin is activated and fights the allergen with a cascade of inflammatory processes. The skin reddens, swells and wets, sometimes bubbles and pustules form. The skin changes itch usually very unpleasant.

"A contact allergy is a delayed-type allergic reaction, " explains Dauer. Because the skin symptoms form only delayed one to two days after the "foolish drift". They are not limited to the skin areas that had contact with the allergy-causing substance. In the dermatologist's office, the afflicted Jecken get help quickly. Duration prescribed an anti-inflammatory, cortisone-containing ointment or cream for short-term treatment; In case of massive itching, there is also an antihistamine.

"It is particularly important that those affected avoid any contact with allergenic ingredients in the future, " says Dauer. In order to find out which substances are, one should be tested specifically at the dermatologist.

The Dermatologist advises: enjoy the carnival quite carefree

  • Apply under the make-up as a protection a rich, previously well-tolerated cream.
  • Do not wash hair before wearing a wig - the sebum protects the scalp.
  • Use high quality, if possible dermatologically tested products with low allergenic potential.
  • During the "foolish days" avoid additional skin irritation, for example by aggressive cleaning products, as a precaution.
  • Are allergies known, avoid appropriate ingredients in cosmetics and accessories.
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