Garlic - great tuber with healing powers

The normal garlic (Allium sativum) is available year round in almost every shop. The smell of the ghosts are different, but the health effect of garlic is undisputed. Even when cooking, everyone knows something to do with the white tuber. For a long time, the spicy ingredient is no longer valued only in the kitchen of hot countries, where garlic has always been on the plate not least because of its antibacterial properties. Spaghetti "Aglio e Olio", a fresh zaziki or a touch of garlic in the tomato sauce are an indispensable part of many menus in this country. By the way: To be precise, the term garlic bulb does not apply at all. It is rather an onion, which is composed of many individual toes.

Garlic as a medicinal plant

Also known as medicinal plant is garlic. Already with the Egyptians he should have served as a tonic and been successfully used against intestinal parasites. Later, he was even told to be positive for bite marks, hair loss or lung disease. There is hardly any talk of all these fields of application today. Garlic is now used primarily in the fight against the common disease arteriosclerosis.

The health-promoting active ingredients of the toes are at the same time responsible for their intense odor. These are organic sulfur compounds such as allicin. This and related compounds act in very different places to eventually protect against cardiovascular disease.

On the one hand, they are considered to be blood-thinning and prevent the sticking together of individual platelets. This allows the blood to flow better through the veins and clots less easily. This in turn protects against the formation of blood clots. In addition, there are studies showing a slight hypotensive property of garlic. It is still controversial whether allicin is also able to reduce the bad LDL cholesterol levels.

Mode of action of garlic

If you want to make good use of the health substances, you should pay attention to the following when handling garlic: Allicin only develops when the cell walls of the garlic are damaged - for example during pressing. Because then an enzyme is released, which cleaves the precursor substance alliin into the effective allicin and other compounds.

For this reason, according to research by Argentine researchers, it is useful to crush garlic before use and then let it draw for about ten minutes. Thus, the enzyme alliinase has time to produce the protective substance allicin. Who then mitgart the garlic only about three minutes, allows optimal effectiveness. Because the sulfur compounds are also sensitive to heat.

Safer in the effect, however, are concentrated garlic preparations from the pharmacy, which are mainly offered in the form of dragées. Many preparations additionally contain, for example, hawthorn and mistletoe for strengthening the heart and supporting the circulatory function. Gastro-resistant capsules can help to prevent the garlic odor from occurring immediately after ingestion.

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