Knee problems - sports under the microscope

Sports and their risk of injury to the knee

It depends on the right movement. If you want to play it safe when it comes to your knee, you should take a close look at your sport. DAK sports scientist Uwe Dresel gives tips for the right choice.

Low risk

These sports have a rather low risk of injury to the knee joint:

  • Moderate cycling
  • Back and front swimming
  • Cross-country skiing (classic)
  • hike
  • Walking
  • Nordic Walking
  • gymnastics
  • Dance
  • metered fitness training on equipment

Rating: Here you can let off steam. Because here the knees are little burdened. Nevertheless, be sure to perform the exercises in a controlled manner. Another advantage: It trains the muscles around the joint, making it more stable.

Average risk

These sports have a moderate risk of injury to the knee joint:

  • to jog
  • bowling
  • Exercising
  • horse riding
  • golf
  • Inline skating
  • Aerobics (low impact)

Assessment: Be wary of these sports and best practice them only with healthy knees. Here the knee is more stressed. Advantage: The training effect is great for the stabilizing muscles.

High risk

These sports are high performance for our knee joint. Accordingly, the risk of injury is high here:

  • Soccer
  • tennis
  • squash
  • alpine skiing
  • martial Arts
  • Basketball, volleyball and handball
  • weightlifting
  • martial Arts
  • Windsurfing
  • skateboarding

Rating: You have to prepare for these sports. Well-trained muscles are the alpha and omega here. Newcomers to sports often do not cope with the rotational movements, sudden stops and high pressure loads.

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