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The knee joint is not only the most complicated, but also one of the most stressed joints. Knee pain is commonplace for five to ten million people in Germany. In the interview: Dr. med. Hans-Joachim Poetsch, DAK expert and specialist in surgery and chiropractic.

Dr. Poetsch, what are the causes of knee problems?

On the one hand, there are often sports that are risky, such as football, tennis or alpine skiing. Fast stops and changes of direction are a real stress test for our knees. On the other hand, obesity and a lack of physical activity can be the trigger for signs of wear.

Is the saying "sports is murder" so something to it?

You can not say that on a flat rate. Every kind of movement is good for our body. But it must be well-dosed and precise. Those who do not overestimate themselves and do not fully play or drive at risk do their knees good in any case. Because the best protection for the knee joint is a strengthened leg muscles. Anyone who already has problems with their knees should pay attention to the right sport, so that they do not get worse.

And which sports are suitable?

Moderate cycling, backstroke, cross-country skiing, gymnastics, walking, hiking or dancing are sports that pose a low risk to the knee.

What tips do you give regarding healthy knees?

Basically, it is important to strain the knees as little as possible, but also to move sufficiently. Obesity should be avoided, as well as prolonged standing. Incidentally, not only the back, but also the knees suffer from the wrong lifting. Therefore, the upper body should be tilted forward and the back straight. And: Even high heels can be knee-killer, as they increase the pressure on the kneecap.

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