Hospital stay: calm down in the clinic

A hospital stay is not a vacation. But with proper preparation at least the stress remains at home.

Preparation for hospitalization

Usually there are only a few lines that really make life difficult: the instruction of a doctor for inpatient treatment in the clinic. In order for the days at the station to be entirely in the sign of recovery, single people organize the day-to-day life in advance - just like a holiday. The mailbox must be emptied, the canary needs food and next week may have announced the chimney sweep.

For an emergency - for example, a water damage - someone should have access to the apartment. Happy if you have a good connection to your neighbor or relatives living nearby. With written notes, the helper later becomes easier: Where is the bird food, when does the chimney sweep come? If the duration of the hospital stay can not be estimated, a trusted person must also be able to find important documents - ideally these are located together in one central location.

If no relatives or neighbors are considered as helpers, you can turn to a so-called home and pet service. This offers the complete carefree package. "Empty the mailbox every day, ventilate it, feed and care for the animal and fill the fridge for the returnee in time - anything is possible, " says Angelika May, who runs such a service bureau. "You pay around 10 euros per day." Obtaining comparison offers can be worthwhile - and the trust in the rented apartment keeper must be right.

Service provider

Animal welfare associations or the veterinarian know addresses of pet boarding or people who are willing to take care of dog, cat or canary.

On the day of the briefing, it is best to drive to the clinic: you either do not know how it will be on discharge day, nor should the car park too long near the clinic. This not only costs unnecessary fees, but could also call thieves on the plan.

If you have the opportunity, you should visit the clinic and the ward before day X. So you get to know sisters and carers and can clarify the main points in advance: How do I pay fees incurred? Can I have mail and newspaper sent to the clinic?

Notes for emergencies

What to do if the clinic assignment was not planned? After an accident, fall or stroke it can happen very fast. Often the patient is not responsive. In such a case, it is generally advisable to keep an emergency card near the ID card. It says who should be notified, which medications are taken regularly and other peculiarities such as diabetes.

Social service helps

But how do you organize necessary things from the bedside that are still to be done?

The nursing staff is always the first point of contact and will seek fast and uncomplicated solutions together with the patient. The social services of the clinics are also responsible for legal and social issues, such as when a rehab treatment is to be organized or the patient needs help at home in the first time.

In many houses there are volunteers like the "Green Ladies". "They have time for talks and help on a small scale: for example, get a magazine on the kiosk, make a phone call or write a letter, " explains Hubertus Dittmar of the study group Protestant Hospital Help.

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