Playgrounds - Checklist


The requirements for playground equipment are regulated by the DIN standards. Cleanliness and condition of the equipment give parents but indications on how exactly the operator of the playground takes the safety regulations. That's what parents should look for:


    • Are trash bins available?
    • Is the waste disposed of regularly?
    • Are there any dangerous objects, for example bottles, syringes or cigarette butts?

    Condition of the playground equipment

    • Are the plastic surfaces cracked?
    • Is there rusting?
    • Do the wood surfaces have splinters?
    • Do screws and nails stick out?
    • Are foundations free?
    • Are there any vandalism damages?
    • Are mulch or sand pads applied around the play equipment?


    The following plants look nice, but have not lost anything in a playground:

    • Daphne, Pfaffenhütchen
    • Holly, laburnum
    • Giant bear claw and prickly plants.
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