Faster, higher and higher - playgrounds are designed for childish daring. But how can parents realize how safe a playground really is? For example with a checklist. Children discover the world through gripping, running, jumping and climbing - movement is central to their development. Because they experience the environment more about the senses and the body than through thinking and imagination. Positive movement experiences strengthen the motor skills, promote intelligence and increase self-esteem. Therefore, parents should give their offspring the opportunity to have a good time outdoors. Best daily and together with other children.

Playgrounds are the ideal place for that

They encourage movement, and are also communication centers for children. Here, friendships - sometimes for the whole life - are made. And the little ones learn how to deal with other social behavior. While waiting in the swing for example, the joint construction project in the sandbox or complex role-playing games. In addition, children like to imitate.

Particularly anxious children have the opportunity on the playground to practice movement sequences using the example of their peers or to get used to so much company for the time being. That is why it is especially important for single children to romp regularly in the children's playground. And even toddlers have their fun here. Even if they can not romp, climb or build, they are still keenly interested in what others do.

Fantasy world playground

Slide, swing, climbing frame and sandpit, surrounded by some lawn and a neat hunter's fence - that's what many children's oases look like. They give children the opportunity to move within a safe framework: The playground equipment complies with the DIN standards, sand and mulch pads cushion falls, the lawns allow ball games and can be viewed from any point at any time. What do parents and children want more?

"Children need play areas that stimulate their imagination and take them away to an adventure world, which is why the ideal playground looks completely different to me." Christiane Betz, director of an inclusive day care center, is currently planning the redesign of her outdoor area. "A playground that encourages children is best done with natural materials and should not be tidy - for example, there are puddles and surrounding branches". The natural vegetation and landscape shape should be considered in the design, so that children can "experience" nature as well. Such a well thought-out and created terrain changes with the seasons and thus offers always new game incentives and opportunities.

Adventure with security certificate

Whether "furnished" or "adventurous", the systems and individual devices are subject to exact safety standards in Germany. The operators are obliged to check and maintain the railing at certain intervals. At least once a week, a visual inspection is performed to detect any damage caused by vandalism or contamination. The devices are checked quarterly and once a year an expert checks the entire system.

Despite the fine-meshed inspection, parents should always carry out a check and report any deficiencies immediately to the operator or the responsible municipality. Parents can also contribute to safety themselves. For example, with the proper "parking" of scooters and Co. Stroller and bike have nothing to look for in the play area, benches should not be arbitrarily adjusted. To the kidneys also includes: cigarette butts belong in the trash and dogs on a leash.

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