Children's birthday - we have a party go up

Sack hopping and blind cow, plus potato salad with sausages. Nothing against the "classics" of children's parties, but it's worth venturing to try something new. Event festivities for six to twelve year olds are in full swing. Instead of juice and cakes at home, there are rallies in the zoo, pottery afternoons in the Kunsthistorisches Museum or a quaint ghost search in the medieval castle. Parents love the party outsourcing. Anyone who has ever organized a children's party at home knows why. Neither does the living room need to be transformed temporarily into an Indian village, spaceship or princess castle, nor can the traces of devastation be removed afterwards.

Adventurous celebrations

Who uses the offers of zoos, museums and other facilities, can be a clear conscience. Here trained supervisors offer a pedagogically meaningful program: accompany the animal keeper in the zoo for one afternoon, make an African mask in the Ethnographic Museum, try on historical costumes in the city theater and transform themselves.

Why not celebrate a "green" birthday, as offered by various environmental organizations? Educationally, it is about the youngest to get to know and protect the flora and fauna - but so playfully packed that not only city children are enthusiastic. At the Bremer Naturschutzbund, for example, the party guests use the ultrasound detector to look for bats, go on a photo safari or make their own nesting box. And all under the guidance of trained natural educators.

Or you can move the party to one of the farms that welcome private groups of children: Here, the animal inhabitants can be caressed and fed, but also mucking, grooming, tractor driving and bread baking are part of the exciting program. There is almost nothing that does not exist and it's worth asking.

Sporty guests jump on the trampoline at the local gymnastics clubs or jet around on inliners. In the Helms Museum in Hamburg, the adventurers find themselves in the Paleolithic again and make tools made of flint. Fire brigades, pony farms, transport companies, ice rinks, airports, traffic training areas. Even stalactite caves and mines like to open their doors to celebratory groups.

Party for the teen

Dreaming of the newlywed fourteen-year-old dreaming about how the pop stars dance, then there's definitely a dance studio that rehearses a choreography with her and her friends for two hours.

Of course, jokes of this kind are not free. All activities are priced around between 60 and 100 euros - but after all, the festival itself can also be the gift. In advance you should clarify whether additional escorts are needed, whether drinking water, toilets, cutlery and crockery are available on site and, above all, whether you can bring your own food. Because otherwise you suddenly pay for ten children drinks and food.

What's on the plate and in the glass, decides whether the party is top or a flop. So it should be creative and delicious! An appetizing carrot mouse with radish ears does not leave even the largest vitamin muffle on the left.

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