Early Child Care: Private Early Requirement

An early English course? Or creative workshops and computer workshops for children? Already in the kindergarten age parents want to promote their offspring optimally, after all, something should become of him once. But how useful is private demand really? Heiderose Kesselring, a qualified pedagogue and day nursery director, says that such offers are not absolutely necessary: ​​"Such additional tasks are often based on parental expectations, which are worrying about missing out on important things: children get stressed out early, relaxed and free The game is too short, but the little ones need it both. "

Time to do nothing

The teacher explains how important it is to deal with the offspring and to give suggestions. But this is not synonymous with a busy schedule: "Children are curious, they want to explore the world, they need fun and enjoyment of the cause, praise and recognition, this also means that they have the opportunity to make free time themselves, because that stimulates the imagination and promotes creativity. " A child may also be bored sometimes. When he learns to drive away boredom alone, his personality is strengthened.

Dealing with boredom is considered an important life skills. "Anyone who has learned to fill their own time as a child will be better able to survive frustrating situations later on, instead of resorting to drugs." In the opinion of the expert, it is essential for the child development that parents devote themselves to their offspring, give them time, and that they are well cared for and supported in the kindergarten.

The diversity brings it

Of course, every child has different talents, none is equally good in all areas. The talents a child possesses are best recognized by observation. This also includes tolerance and understanding when the child with colored toothpaste paints beautiful snakes on the tiles or, with curiosity, picks the houseplants.

Who offers his offspring many different game activities, will quickly find out if the little one prefers to sing, thread beads or play with balls.

Children should be able to experience nature at a young age and try their hand at the age of primary school age in both technical and technical fields. Books and child-friendly PC programs convey knowledge in a playful way. The little ones then choose spontaneously, which corresponds to their talent.

Hobbies strengthen self-esteem

Supporting the curiosity of the child holds another plus: the interest in certain leisure activities and the associated self-realization strengthen his self-confidence.

The other way around: A gift is best promoted by promoting the child's personality. It has to be able to trust itself and to determine when and how intensively it is dedicated to a cause. Kesselring advises parents to encourage their offspring, but also to stay calm if it does not work.

Every child goes his own way and needs individual support. There is no method that can be applied to all children, nor can any checklists show how talented a child is in a certain area.

Especially at primary school age, other interests can unfold and show talent. Therefore, parents should not unilaterally promote their child at this time, but be mindful of balance, so that a harmonious personality can develop.

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