Early Child Care: individual gifts

Individual talents

Not all children show an outstanding talent at first glance, but each one can do something especially well. After all, even most adults are average-talented in many fields. "The little ones should enjoy their experiences, censure and pressure to perform will slow the child down, they will make him feel good for his success, but praise and trust in his abilities will spur it on, " explains the graduate pedagogue.

She points out that human development is not straightforward but in stages. It is oriented to the respective requirements of everyday life. Some celebrated prodigies fall back into mediocrity as adults, for example, the physics genius Einstein, however, is handed down that he was a weak student at a young age. Therefore: Each child learns at different speeds and has periods in which it does not develop certain talents, but rather turns to other things. Too much blame creates insecurity.

Strange expectations offend children

It always gets bad when children stay for one thing only for the sake of their parents. This applies to school achievements as well as sports, music lessons and all other activities. "Fulfilling others' expectations is not necessarily conducive to one's own personal development: if parents give their child their own expectations, they will make him understand that they do not recognize his abilities, " explains Kesselring.

It experiences such a behavior as hurtful and offensive, it has the feeling that it has done something wrong, not being "right". All this scares him.

Parents should accept their children as they are

Parents should pay attention to various signals such as weepiness, despondency, excessive defiance, aggression, lies and retreat. But also persistent physical complaints such as headaches and nausea indicate excessive demands.

A conversation with the teachers or the day nursery teachers can then quickly clarify whether the wishes and demands on the child may be too high. Even if the scion at school only provides average benefits, parents can be proud of him.

On the one hand, there are gifts that are not appreciated at school and that are nonetheless significant in life. On the other hand, parents should adopt and love their offspring as they are: after all, love is also an important component of support.

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