Capsule tear in fingers, knees, ankles and toe

Capsule tear in the finger

A capsule break in the finger is particularly common in ball sports such as handball or volleyball. If a ball is hit incorrectly, it can happen that the finger kinks in a direction not provided in the joint, thereby damaging the capsule. But even a fall can lead to such an injury. Often a capsule tear in the fingers or in the thumb is also accompanied by a ligament injury.

A capsule tear in the finger should always consult a doctor to rule out a bone fracture. As an immediate measure, cooling with ice packs or cold packs is recommended. Usually the injury heals completely after a few weeks, but in some cases the flexibility of the joint may also be limited.

Capsule tear in the knee

The human knee is particularly susceptible to injury. In the case of a capsule tear in the knee, stabbing pains first occur, the knee swells and a dull, pulsating pain becomes noticeable.

If there is a suspicion of a capsule tear in the knee, a doctor should rule out a violation of the ligaments. If the diagnosis confirms capsule tear, the knee joint should be loaded as little as possible. Only when the capsule rupture has healed, should be started with specific movement exercises. Capsule cracks in the knee usually heal without problems.

Capsule tear in the ankle (ankle)

The ankle is one of the most stressed joints. By bending the foot during sports or in everyday life, it can quickly lead to a capsule injury. This is usually accompanied by a ligament stretch or ligament tear.

A capsule tear in the ankle shows the typical symptoms of a capsule injury such as a strong swelling of the joint, a bruise and a restriction of mobility. In order to immobilize the ankle joint after the injury as far as possible, the doctor either applies a tape dressing or prescribes an orthopedic prosthesis.

After healing the injury, the muscles around the ankle should be rebuilt through targeted training. During sports, they should stabilize the affected joint for some time by wearing a bandage.

Capsule tear in the toe

A capsule tear in the toe can occur not only during sports, but also during everyday movements. If the injury is expertly treated and tapped, the toe can often be fully loaded after just two to three weeks. Once the injury has healed, the foot muscles should be strengthened through targeted exercises. As a result, long-term complaints can be prevented.

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