Can a bra promote the development of breast cancer?

At regular intervals, this thesis haunts the media. Until today there is confusion in women, the claim is no longer silent. So is discussed and puzzled in Internet forums. Recently it has also been reported that bras worn at night increase the risk of breast cancer.

The history of the bra

More than one hundred years ago, the brassiere was invented in France. During the emancipation movement of women in the 1970s, it was considered a "liberation" not to wear a bra, which was considered a symbol of the woman's oppression and discipline, and it was around this time that the first reports of bras breaking through constrictions emerged Effect could cause cancer.

Medical opinion

For the allegedly so damaging underwear even a medical explanation was found: According to that BHs would push off Lymphbahnen, so that metabolic wastes could not be derived. That this is nonsense from a medical point of view did not hinder the spread of the rumor.

Prof. Dr. Volker Barth of the Institute for Mammodiagnostics in Esslingen said in MEDIZIN-WELT: "The bra has no influence on the development of breast cancer, neither small, nor large, nor operated on breasts in any form. The supposed breast cancer risk through the bra is haunting 35 years at a regular intervals of one to two years by the media, without anyone having an explanation for this, the same applies to deodorants, etc. The BH is effectively nothing. "

The cause of speculation

Since girls and women with large breasts wear bras more often than their smaller breasted counterparts, the relationship of breast size in young women and later onset of breast cancer was examined. Rumor has it that girls with big bosoms carry the highest risk, because they are forced to cushions early on. Even this connection could not be proven.

However, it is known that hormonal risk factors and more difficult early breast cancer detection are the reasons for the slightly increased breast cancer risk in women with large breast size. However, bras themselves have no detectable influence on the development of cancer in these women either.

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