Save and lose calories: 10 tips

Only those who burn more calories than they eat can lose weight. We give you ten tips that you can easily save a few calories on the side. It pays off one or the other habit - the slim line to love.

1. Coffee and cake? Dear first only!

The biscuit or piece of cake for tea or coffee in the afternoon does not sound like much, but is gradually noticeable on the hips. Unless you train it afterwards in sports again. Biscuit and coffee once a week are best enjoyed on the weekend with friends and relatives.

2. No more chocolate trösti

Do not console yourself with chocolate in case of stress or heartache. The number of happy hormones that are released is peanuts as opposed to the amount of happy-go-lucky you spend jogging or cycling in 45 minutes. Recipe: Sport instead of chocolate. After that you really feel better - guaranteed without guilty conscience.

3. The glass of wine in the evening

For dinner there is always a glass of wine with you? Sure, red wine is healthy and it's just a glass. But great: alcohol is about 80 percent to body fat. And if you do not save calories elsewhere, the wine can gradually become the reason for the extra kilos.

4. Hungry at the bread basket

The handle in the bread basket in the Italian restaurant should be saved. The food is the same and you really look forward to it. Instead, just eat a light starter salad or a vegetable soup.

5. You eat what you buy

It's so easy to lose weight: stock up on a fridge, because then you eat healthy too. If you go hungry shopping, you'll quickly find noodles, greasy sauces, nibbles and chocolate biscuits. Anyone who buys richly goes healthier through the shelves. So: have a quick bite before shopping.

6. Buy smaller packs

Where we are when shopping ... The size of the packaging determines how much we eat from a product. Small pack also means less calories when snacking. It's best to just look at the small packs at the cash register. These are usually just tasting, for the appetite or cravings but absolutely sufficient.

7. Something of everything

Studies have shown that people who only eat food from a food group restrict themselves to eating, eat more and only later get full. In contrast to people who ate a bit of everything: it was already full after a small portion.

So, with each meal a portion of protein (quark, fish, meat, cheese), a portion of carbohydrates (wholemeal, potatoes, rice) and a small portion of fat, mainly vegetable fats to be eaten. In addition a lot of vegetables as main ingredient of each meal. Fruit can be eaten as a dessert or snack.

8. Make yogurt yourself

The term "low fat" does not mean low in calories. In order to achieve the same taste with yoghurt, the manufacturers usually take many sweeteners: table sugar, fructose or other sweeteners.

A reduced-fat yoghurt can then provide almost the same amount of calories as a normal-fat yoghurt. Therefore: Better to prepare your own yoghurt from low-fat natural yoghurt and fresh or deep-frozen fruits. If necessary, sweeten with a teaspoon of honey.

9. Eight hours of sleep

Seven to eight hours of sleep will not only make you look fresher and more beautiful, but also your metabolism will gain new strength: cell renewal, muscle building and burning of fat take place especially in the sleep phases. Then the body has enough peace and time to devote to these tasks.

You should give him that time, too. Who sleeps more, has less cravings. A little sleep also causes the concentration to wane faster. The result: the body craves sugar to bridge the performance gap and cravings for a chocolate bar rise.

10. Burn 500 calories every day

That sounds a lot, but it is not. If you go by bike to work and back (about 30 minutes), already gets 250 calories credited. Five minutes to climb stairs instead of taking the elevator consumes another 75 calories, 30 minutes of housework burn another 75 calories.

There are still 100 calories missing, and you can, for example, do some shopping (45 minutes), ironing for 40 minutes, cleaning windows for half an hour, or burning other useful everyday activities. It is even better to take a relaxing stroll, especially now in the cold season. You will be rewarded with a noticeable energy boost.

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