Coffee: Help with weight loss?

There are hardly any drinks that have as many effects as coffee: It is designed to eliminate fatigue, promote concentration, relieve headaches and activate fat burning. Above all, the knowledge of the stimulating effect of caffeine on the cardiovascular system has led to the fact that coffee is praised in many a diet guide as a "miracle cure" to lose weight.

Does coffee help you lose weight?

But can coffee really help with weight loss? It is clear that the pounds do not melt by drinking coffee alone. We reveal how much truth lies in the sometimes supposed wisdom and how you can make good use of coffee in your diet.

Fat burning: effective only with exercise

Studies have shown that the caffeine contained in coffee actually promotes the release of fatty acids from depots (lipolysis). However, this process alone is not enough to make the fat pads disappear. Because if the free fatty acids are not consumed in the context of an increased energy requirement, the body stores them again.

Caffeine can only support fat burning in combination with sufficient exercise. Whether a cup of coffee before exercise, however, the calorie consumption increases to the extent necessary, has not yet been proven.

Outsmart your cravings with coffee

Black coffee contains virtually no calories and is therefore allowed during a diet. In addition, the warm drink fills the stomach and can reduce cravings. So, if you feel like snacking on unhealthy snacks between meals, try grabbing a cup of coffee instead of the candy bar or cornflakes.

But be careful: sugar, syrup, cream or a lot of milk like in the popular trend drink Latte Macchiato quickly turn coffee into a calorie bomb. Therefore, enjoy your coffee best pure or with only a small shot of low-fat milk.

Green coffee: effect not proven

A new diet trend from the US is dietary supplement with extract of green coffee beans. The active ingredient chlorogenic acid is intended to reduce the absorption of sugar in the intestine and thus support weight loss. So far, however, there are no reliable studies that prove the effectiveness of the preparations.

Healthy diet and sport indispensable

So if you want to lose weight, you do not have to give up coffee: in a low-calorie form of preparation, the popular hot drink can support a diet. Decisive for a permanent weight loss, however, is a balanced diet in conjunction with adequate exercise.

Radical fasting diets and zero diets, however, are not recommended: they bring no long-term success and can seriously damage the health.

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