Kissing is healthy

Up to 100, 000 kisses are distributed by a person in a 70-year life. These caresses are well laid out: kissing is not only fun, it's also healthy. And when a kiss is intense enough, it even consumes calories. Kissing also has an influence on blood pressure, the immune system and the development of stress hormones. Learn why kissing is so healthy.

What kisses in the body causes

A haunting kiss turns the body upside down and triggers violent chemical reactions: pulse and body temperature skyrocket, metabolism and blood circulation are boosted, happiness hormones leave pain forgotten, the immune system is in full swing:

  • The blood pressure rises to 150 mm Hg.
  • 29 history muscles are moved.
  • Heart rate increases to 110 beats per minute in men, to 108 in women.
  • The nerve endings of the lips and tongue transmit the stimuli via the central nervous system directly into the sexual organs.

By the way: The fact that when kissing the noses do not collide, has a simple reason: Most people instinctively approach with his head tilted to the right.

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