Kissing is healthy

Up to 100, 000 kisses are distributed by a person in a 70-year life. These caresses are well laid out: kissing is not only fun, it's also healthy. And when a kiss is intense enough, it even consumes calories. Kissing also has an influence on blood pressure, the immune system and the development of stress hormones. Learn why kissing is so healthy.

What kisses in the body causes

A haunting kiss turns the body upside down and triggers violent chemical reactions: pulse and body temperature skyrocket, metabolism and blood circulation are boosted, happiness hormones leave pain forgotten, the immune system is in full swing:

  • The blood pressure rises to 150 mm Hg.
  • 29 history muscles are moved.
  • Heart rate increases to 110 beats per minute in men, to 108 in women.
  • The nerve endings of the lips and tongue transmit the stimuli via the central nervous system directly into the sexual organs.

By the way: The fact that when kissing the noses do not collide, has a simple reason: Most people instinctively approach with his head tilted to the right.

5 facts about kissing - © istockphoto, Kharichkina

Kissing makes you slim

Kissing has already encouraged many scientists to research. Here are many positive facts that have come to light in recent years:

  • Kissing makes you slim: a single kiss on the tongue burns 12 calories.
  • Lovers do not have to go to the doctor more often.
  • The most kissed is in the month of May.
  • Kissing helps reduce stress. This is because more and more neurotransmitters are being formed in the brain.
  • Kissing slows down the development of glucocorticoids, the stress hormones. In this way high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are lowered.
  • Kissing stimulates salivation. This has benefits for the teeth, because saliva contains calcium and the trace element phosphorus. When absorbed by the enamel, these substances make it hard and strong against tooth decay.
  • Pain can be alleviated.
  • Who kisses a lot, strengthens his immune system and ages slowly.
  • The kiss acts like a kind of oral vaccination that kissers miss each other. Because the bacteria contained in the saliva are 20 percent different. If these are exchanged during a kiss, impulses for the formation of defenses and antibodies are emitted.
  • Kissing is a good lung training: Instead of 20 breaths per minute, it is up to 60 at the kiss and some time afterwards. Result: The oxygen supply is increased and the respiratory tracts are strengthened.
  • Kissing can release tension and eliminate annoying hiccups.

Can kisses be dangerous?

What works in one hardening can have negative consequences for the other: Researchers have discovered that the bacterium Helicobacter pylori can be present in saliva. According to scientists, it causes many stomach ulcers, as well as gastritis and even stomach cancer. Since researchers found a wide spread of the bacterium among spouses, it is suspected that it is exchanged over kissing.

Attention is also important for allergy sufferers: If the kissing partner has taken allergy-inducing foods even in very small amounts, an intense kiss may soon lead to allergic reactions.

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