Itching in the genital area

Itching on the anus

Itching in the anal region can have various causes - it is particularly often caused by hemorrhoids. In addition, however, fungal infections, genital warts as well as infestation with intestinal parasites are possible triggers. Likewise, it can come in acute gastrointestinal infections and chronic intestinal diseases due to persistent diarrhea itching at the anus.

Itching caused by food and hygiene products

Short-term itching can be triggered by certain foods such as nuts, dairy products, caffeine, and especially spicy foods. Likewise, certain hygiene products such as soaps or washing lotions can cause the discomfort. If this is the case, you should use mild, pH-neutral products. In addition to exaggerated hygiene, itching on the anus can also be caused by a lack of body care.

After all, itching in the anal area can also be a symptom of internal diseases such as diabetes or colon cancer. Therefore, if you have a prolonged itching, you should always have the cause of the condition cleared up by a doctor. In conversation with the doctor, it is important to mention existing underlying diseases.

Treat annoying itching on the anus

If itching occurs on the anus, the symptoms can be treated with anti-inflammatory or analgesic creams. However, these should only be used after consultation with a doctor, as some products may damage the sensitive anal mucosa. In addition to creams, sitz baths can also help relieve itching. Depending on the cause of the symptoms, the doctor may additionally prescribe appropriate medication.

A thorough and, above all, gentle cleaning of the anus after using the toilet can also help to stop the itching. It is best to wash the anus with cold water after defecation and then gently pat the itchy areas dry. On the other hand, wet toilet paper should be avoided, as it may contain substances that destroy the skin's natural protective coating.

Itching in the genital area

The mucous membranes in the genital area are very sensitive and respond to irritation particularly intense. Therefore, itching in the genital area is a symptom that occurs relatively frequently. Possible causes are fungal infections or disorders of the mucosal environment. Ointments or vaginal suppositories can help against fungal infections. But even serious diseases such as hypothyroidism or diabetes and sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea can cause the unpleasant symptoms.

Itching in the genital area can be treated well in most cases. The first step is a careful but not excessive intimate hygiene. So should be dispensed perfumed intimate sprays or washing lotions, as they can dry out the mucous membrane. With constantly itchy mucous women should also do without tampons and panty liners.

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