Itching on the scalp

Itching all over the body

If itching all over your body, do not hesitate to see a doctor. The causes behind the complaints can be harmless - for example, stress or nervousness come into question. It can also be triggered by serious illnesses such as diabetes, kidney or liver diseases as well as hyperthyroidism. Prolonged itching should therefore be clarified by a doctor.

When the scalp itches

Behind a strong itching on the scalp may be an infestation with lice, a dry scalp or dandruff hide. Similarly, skin diseases such as eczema come as a cause in question. Since lice infestation is contagious, you should consult a doctor for itching on the scalp in case of doubt - this is especially true when children complain of a severe itchy scalp. The doctor will then give you appropriate tips for treating the lice infestation.

If a dry scalp is behind the itch, use a special shampoo from the pharmacy in the future. In addition, it is recommended to wash the hair every other day only and not to use too hot water - this dries out the scalp in addition. You should also refrain from hot blow-drying and hair dye for some time. In the case of dandruff, it is advisable to use a special anti-dandruff shampoo.

If the itching on the scalp persists despite these measures over a longer period of time, internal disease must be ruled out by a doctor. Also mental triggers - for example stress - should be considered with longer lasting Itching.

Itching on the legs

Itching on the legs is usually caused by too dry skin. The use of pH-neutral wash gels during showering usually relieves itching. In addition, the skin on the legs after showering should not be rubbed off, but only gently dabbed. Then the legs are best rubbed with a fatty cream.

If itching on the legs occurs together with a rash, there is probably an allergy or a skin condition behind the discomfort. Then you should definitely consult a doctor to clarify the exact cause.

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