Iodine must not be missing during pregnancy

Many pregnant women today already suffer from an iodine deficiency-induced enlarged thyroid gland (goiter) and hypothyroidism. The reason: Pregnant women lack iodine in their diet. In addition, only about every second woman takes iodine tablets during pregnancy and lactation.

A defect endangers both mother and child

This shortage of iodine also means a serious risk for the affected child. Newborns are therefore often born with an iodine deficiency, as revealed by a study of the University of Göttingen. Strong iodine deficiency can result in significant mental and physical developmental disorders of the child. Later, this can lead to concentration and learning difficulties and even to a lower intelligence quotient.

It is therefore important that pregnant women and nursing mothers who have an increased need of iodine absorb additional iodine in order to prevent damage to their own body and to the child. In addition to the need for the expectant mother, that is to cover even for the growing child. In addition, more iodine is excreted through the kidneys during this time. During lactation, relatively high amounts are finally released with the breast milk.

Cover iodine deficiency

To ensure the supply of iodine during pregnancy and lactation, the experts of the working group iodine deficiency plead for a preferred and regular consumption of sea fish and milk. In addition, only iodine salt should be used in the household. When shopping, foods that are made with iodised salt are to be preferred. This is especially true for bread and baked goods, but also for meat and sausage products and for industrially produced food. To ensure optimal coverage, iodine tablets containing 100 to 200 micrograms of iodine are also added daily during pregnancy and lactation, which should be taken as recommended by the treating physician. Iodine tablets are in this case not a drug in the true sense, but they only serve to compensate for the natural iodine deficiency.

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