Is cleaning the ears really useful?

Remove earwax? Is that the same as cleaning your nose? Not at all. Because in contrast to a stuffy nose you should first think about whether you want to make your ears really "clean".

Take care when cleaning with cotton swabs

Everyone knows cotton swabs. After gently inserting it into the ear, the cotton swab has a yellowish tint.

What most people do not realize is that it can be very uncomfortable if you do not pay attention when handling the cotton swabs. Because in the worst case you push the earwax deeper into your ear. As a result, the ear canal can clog and the family doctor must rinse the ear with warm water again.

The fact that the auditory canal is blocked is usually noticed as a sudden hearing loss.

It helps but the earwax ...

... in defense against germs and bacteria. Earwax is a yellowish secretion consisting of the secretions of the sweat and sebaceous glands of the external auditory meatus, dandruff and invading dirt.

The scientific term for earwax is cerumen. It contains special enzymes such as lysozyme, which are able to destroy the cell walls of bacteria and thus destroy the pathogens. So you should not clean your ears too often.

How best to cleanse your ears?

The ear canal has a self-cleaning mechanism. Therefore, it is sufficient if you clean the outer ear in healthy ears with a soft cloth or a cotton swab.

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