Infectious diseases - treatment and therapy

For every infectious disease there is a special procedure with vaccinations, medicines and other measures - you will find more information on the respective disease. Antibiotics such as penicillin, antiviral drugs and other medicines should always be taken in consultation with a doctor and for a sufficient length of time as these remedies are not interchangeable. If taken accidentally, side effects and allergies may occur.

Home remedies for infectious diseases

With the increasing resistance of many bacteria to antibiotics, one should think carefully about whether to take any medication for each cold or whether you better try with home remedies such as medicinal herbs, healthy diet or tea tree oil to get the disease under control. For example, toothpaste helps with herpes, the masking technique with warts, and cola and pretzel sticks with Reisediarrho.

Preventive measures

Vaccination is the most important measure against the outbreak of an infectious disease. The immune system is forced by the vaccine to deal with the pathogen and activate the body's defense. Twice a year, the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) checks against which diseases certain population groups in Germany should be vaccinated. There are many vaccines - for example against the flu and pneumococci, against childhood diseases, rabies and polio, as injection and swallowing vaccines and for infants and the elderly.

In addition to healthy, seasonally adjusted diet with many vitamins - for example, sauerkraut in winter - and exercise (Kneipp) is sufficient hygiene in the household an important factor to prevent disease. Molds in the waste are just as harmful to health as exaggerated cleanliness.

Precautions when traveling

When traveling to North America, Africa or Asia you should not forget the typical infections. In addition to diarrheal drugs, the first-aid kit always includes a prophylaxis for the pathogens found in the holiday country, such as malaria.

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