Infections on journeys - infection protection and infection defense

Anti-stress as infection protection

That stress makes you sick is well known. It is less well-known that vacation stress also makes one sick. The idea of ​​driving directly from the office to the plane and then catching a sunburn 12 hours later in a completely different climate is absurd. Long-distance travel with climate change is pure stress for the immune system. Does that mean you should not travel? No of course not. But a sensitive approach to himself and his defenses is announced. And that means: Avoid hectic and stress before the actual vacation trip or keep it low and, for example, put an extra day off before departure. If you fly into the sun, skin and circulation should be given the opportunity to get used to it:

  • If the country people take a three-hour lunch break behind closed windows, you do not necessarily have to leave for the sightseeing marathon during this time.
  • The above-mentioned hygiene rules apply here as well, and a few more. Where there are problems with the water supply, only bottled water should be drunk.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables, which is offered by street vendors, better left uneaten if you have not peeled yourself with a clean knife. The objection that the locals eat it does not count. 14 days of vacation are not enough to get the immune system used to the other bacterial culture.
  • In addition, less is more. So take the holiday with care, avoid sunburns and heat build-up and give the body the opportunity to adapt to the new environment.

So that the holiday remains the unique experience that it was intended, it is worth to note the following:

  • Consistent mosquito and insect repellent
  • Good sun and heat protection
  • Comply with food and drinking water hygiene
  • No unprotected private contacts
  • Do not bathe in tropical waters
  • Do not walk barefoot
  • Take malarial prophylaxis tablets consistently
  • Carry a meaningful first-aid kit
  • If you feel unwell, have a fever, vomiting, consult a doctor
  • Do not take antibiotics with you on suspicion
  • Take the address of the embassy on the spot for emergencies
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