Vaccination - protection against dangerous diseases

A little punk just, the body builds up defenses against serious and life-threatening diseases. After all, one third of all deaths worldwide is accounted for by infectious diseases. But while vaccinations are usually consistently carried out on children thanks to extensive preventive care programs, the willingness to vaccinate declines as people get older. For older people, however, a preventive influenza vaccine can be lifesaving.

Vaccination is prevention

Marianne S. (33) wants to have a baby. She does not know if she is suffering from rubella as a child - sometimes the disease is almost without symptoms. Your gynecologist will first do an antibody test, because only a blood test shows whether Marianne S. is immune. The result proves that no antibodies to rubella are detected in the blood. The doctor advises to vaccinate. About 15 percent of women of childbearing age have no protection against rubella. You should get vaccinated at least three months before a pregnancy. Because in the case of an infection during pregnancy, especially in the first three months, malformations occur in over 50 to 90 percent, eg of the ears and heart of the unborn child. Not infrequently mental disabilities are added. The same applies to chickenpox: Again, should women who are planning a baby vaccinated.

Another example: Alfred H. is 82 years old and has heart disease. In February, a flu epidemic rolled over all of Germany, Alfred H. is infected and gets life-threatening pneumonia. He is in the hospital for several weeks, treated with high-dose antibiotics and fortunately has done it. But before the next winter he gets vaccinated against the flu. Especially the elderly are more susceptible to infections such as influenza and its complications. About 80 percent of flu-related deaths occur in people over the age of 65, according to a study by the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza (ESWI). The World Health Organization WHO also recommends the flu vaccine as an effective preventive measure.

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