In the office

Exercise 1
To prevent the shoulder and neck muscles from hardening, you can do the following exercise. Sit upright on your chair. If available, take a filled bottle of water in both hands. Then stretch both arms forward as far as possible, hold them in this position for one second and then pull back to the body. Proceed in the same way by stretching the arms first to the right, then left, up and down. Repeat the exercise eight times.
exercise 2
To relieve the back, it is important to change the seating position more often. To do this, sit your feet together while sitting and lift them to the right. Briefly touch the ground with your feet and then lift back to the middle. Then lift your feet to the left side, briefly set down and park in the middle again. Repeat eight times.
Exercise 3
To activate the metabolism in the area of ​​the intervertebral discs, sit upright. Then support your hands at the side of your waist. Now shift the weight to the left buttock half, lifting the right side of the pelvis. Lower the right side of the pelvis again, shift your weight to the right and lift the left side of the pelvis. You should be careful not to make jerky movements, but to achieve as smooth as possible rocking movement of the pelvis. Repeat the exercise over a period of 30-60 seconds.
Exercise 4
To occasionally relax at the desk, you can perform the following exercise. While sitting, stretch both arms far forward. The straight hull is thereby a little prevented. Stay in this position for about ten seconds. This exercise should be repeated three to five times.
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