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Live / be satisfied right now

Nothing stands in the way of a quiet, fulfilled life more than dissatisfaction with what is. Because instead of being content and thankful for what has been achieved and discovering the perfection in the here and now, many people find the given as inadequate. As a result, there is a fixation on a longing goal, however small or big it may be: finally slim, on vacation or being rich, finally having a house or a yacht, finally making a career, etc.

But whoever is always waiting for happiness and makes it dependent on many conditions, may always remain a lucky hunter. Because once a goal has been reached, you have the next in your head. Life passes us by. And the greater the imagination of what might be in a person, the more tense he can be fixated on his longing goals.

Satisfaction is a matter of the mind

His imagination can turn against him like that. If she is against the present moment, she is free to be creative and creative. Tips: Think happy and satisfied

  • Remember, there is no better time to be happy than here and now.
  • Or to speak with Dostoyevsky: "Man is unhappy because he does not know that he is happy."
  • Life is full of hurdles, stumbling blocks and dangers. You can still be happy and satisfied.
  • Focus on what you already have and not what you want. Of course, that does not exclude that you set goals that you want to achieve.
  • Get used to focusing on one thing at a time. The activity will be increasingly fun and faster.
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