Cough - clean the respiratory tract

Coughing is a sensible protective reflex of the body. Therefore it should not be suppressed. Because, whether we swallow ourselves or inhale dust particles or pathogens into our respiratory tract with the breath, a strong coughing impulse quickly transports the invaders back out of the airways.

Emergence of cough

Coughing also occurs in various diseases. Especially often it comes in the context of a cold to cough. The viruses that have invaded the bronchial tubes, the main cause of a cold, attack the mucous membrane and trigger inflammation.

There is an increased production of viscous mucus that blocks the "cilia" so that the natural cleaning system stops working. Over time, more and more tough mucus accumulates in the airways, irritating the free nerve endings in the airways. This leads to a persistent coughing stimulus, as the body wants to get rid of the mucus.

Cilia - what's that?

In the nose, the air is heated, pre-cleaned and moistened. In order for the nasal cavity to perform this function, it is covered with a mucous membrane, sit on the tiny cilia. These hairs move towards the exit of the nose, causing particles of dust and pathogens in the air to escape. In addition to cleaning, breathing air is also humidified by the activity of mucus-producing cells.

Various cough types

Dry dry cough:
First, the common cold cough is often still dry and particularly distressing. No mucus is ejected. Especially at night, the coughing can become a troublesome rest disturbance. The dry irritative cough is usually of short duration. But if it lasts longer, you should consult a doctor.

The stuck cough:
The dry, irritating cough often changes into a tight cough. This is accompanied by increased mucus production. Slime production starts slowly. The mucus is firm and tough and therefore can not be removed. The airways can not be effectively cleaned. Therefore, this cough is also called "unproductive". Nevertheless, the coughing stimulus persists because the body tries to remove the mucus.

The loose, caked cough:
The mucus is not so tough and can be coughed off. The "unproductive" cough goes into a "productive" cough. The cough attacks are no longer agonizing but liberating because the mucus can be removed from the bronchi.

Help your immune system:

  • Regular physical training boosts the immune system. Prefer sports in the open air, such as cycling or jogging.
  • Go to the sauna once a week.
  • Carry out changing showers every morning.
  • Take juice from coneflower at times of particular contagion.
  • Make sure you have enough sleep.
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