Homeopathy for children

It quickly happened: Whether you ride a bike, run, run or run riot, children often get injured. Mostly it is fortunately only mild injuries, but help is needed. For these cases, but also for all other complaints and diseases in infancy and childhood, the treatment options within homeopathy can be an effective help in children. With homeopathy, many typical complaints of infants and children as well as teething troubles can be treated gently or even prevented. Experience has shown that especially children respond to homeopathy very well. For this reason too, homeopathy in children is often consulted as an alternative or supplement to conventional medicine.

Homeopathy in children

In contrast to the adult organism, the homeopathic treatment of the child organism is less subject to disturbing influences such as coffee and alcohol consumption as well as work stress. Furthermore, symptoms of illness in children become clearer, which facilitates the choice of the appropriate homeopathic remedy.

In mild acute diseases, it is often possible to perform a homeopathic self-treatment. However, it may be better to see a homeopath and / or doctor if there is evidence of worsening or unknown symptoms. In principle, typical childhood diseases such as rubella, measles, mumps and whooping cough can also be treated with homeopathy.

However, a doctor should be consulted and a homeopath should select the appropriate remedy suitable for the child's condition. There are no special remedies for children in homeopathy. Neither the choice of potency nor the frequency and number of administered globules are often different from those in adults. In children, however, you should always use globules or non-alcoholic drops and make sure that the globules remain in the mouth for as long as possible. Only then can they unfold their effect.

Which homeopathic remedies are suitable for children?

Which remedy can be used in homeopathy for which ailments? In principle, certain substances have proven useful in homeopathy in children, which are listed below. However, these are to be seen as a recommendation and can not replace an exact diagnosis and treatment of a homeopath or alternative practitioner. Following granules as recommendation:

Accidents / injuries / sore muscles

In the case of a fall from a bicycle or falling down during the romp, for injuries of any kind Arnica is given. Arnica can promote wound healing positively and at the same time have a hemostatic effect. Arnica is also suitable for sore muscles. But especially in the case of injuries to the head, such as a concussion or injuries to the eye, an emergency doctor should be visited at the same time. If a shock results from an accident or injury, measures to calm Aconitum or Rescue Remedy (emergency drops) can be given after the first aid.

insect bites

To prevent mosquito bites Staphysagria has been proven. In a sting, even a tick bite, Ledum is used. In bee or wasp sting Apis is suitable. If there is a rash caused by the insect bite, Urtica urens can be used for relief.

Sunburn / sunstroke

If the skin is hot and red after a too intense sunbath, Belladonna can provide relief. Even with a sunstroke with a knocking headache and a bright red face or head Belladonna is suitable.

Toothache / teething in a baby

When toothache suddenly and severely occurs, Belladonna is given first. If a cheek is swollen during toothache, it can relieve chamomilla. Belladonna and Chamomilla can also be used for teething problems in a baby or toddler.


A generally important remedy for typical childhood diseases is Sulfur. It is used in scarlet fever, rubella or measles, if the rash does not develop properly. However, Sulfur can also be taken after every typical childhood disease that has been overcome in order to remove the toxins present in the body. The most important substances in chicken pox are Belladonna, Aconitum, Ferrum phosphoricum and Rhus toxicodendron. In scarlet fever and mumps Belladonna is the most proven remedy. In rubella, in addition to Belladonna and Ferrum phosphoricum is a major agent. In all childhood illnesses, it should be noted that different symptoms may occur, which then also require specific substances of homeopathy for children. In case of complications, always follow the advice of a doctor!

Sleepless nights

Especially in babies and toddlers, sleep disorders can have different causes that need to be clarified professionally. In general, the remedies Chamomilla, Avena sativia and Arnica, in so far as the child can not fall asleep through an overexertion, although it is completely overtired.

Runny nose / cold / cough / flu

At the beginning of an infection Ferrum phosphoricum can be administered. An infection accompanied by fever can be treated with Belladonna or Chamomilla. In case of cold, loofah is suitable. Belladonna and Ferrum phosphoricum also have an effect on cough, coughing and sore throat. If an infant suffers from a stuffy nose and has difficulty in sucking milk, Sambucus can be used.


Okoubaka can generally be used for nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain, it is also suitable for travel sickness. After eating rotten food or when the child chokes but can not break, Nux Vomica is used. If vomiting is greasy or sweet, Pulsatilla may be used.

Within a clinical picture many different substances from homeopathy can achieve possible effects. For this reason, there are so-called homeopathic complexing agents that contain a mixture of different substances depending on the disease.

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