Lumbago - hellish pain in the back

An awkward movement and suddenly nothing works. The lumbago comes completely unexpected. With the right measures, however, the complaints are soon eliminated. The good news first: A lumbago is extremely unpleasant, but not dangerous. Most of the time the condition improves within a short time. With simple measures, the healing process can also be well supported.

Lumbago: Definition

But what is actually hiding behind the pain? The vernacular says "lumbago" the doctor writes "Lumbago" or "acute lumbago" in the patient record. The same is meant: sudden onset of low back pain, which causes a kind of barrier feeling, with or without pain in one leg - the latter would then be a "lumbago" in the doctor, because then often the sciatic nerve is involved.

Causes of a lumbago

The cause is usually because of the severe pain a pinched nerve suspected. In fact, various malefactors may be responsible for this: blockage of a vertebral or iliac joint, lumbar disc herniation, severe muscle tension, or vertebral joint wear. Because the lumbar region is lavishly equipped with pain-guiding nerve fibers, even minor triggers can cause severe pain attacks.

As an immediate reaction to the pain, the muscles of the back tense so violently that those affected can usually no longer take a normal posture, having the feeling of a "lock" in the cross. Except for children, almost all age groups can be shot by the witch. However, the doctors disagree who it meets most often.

Tips for self-help

  • First lay down in a level position (supine with knees bent at right angles) or in a lateral position with your legs pulled up.
  • Whether local heat or cold is perceived as pleasant, is individually different - who has a lumbago for the first time should try it out.
  • If the heat is good and the skin tolerates it, a heating pad or thermal plaster from the pharmacy will help. Also mud for heating in the microwave can be applied to the aching region.
  • Who prefers cold in acute muscle tension, for example, can manage with a cold bag with so-called cryogel from the pharmacy or a cooling gel.
  • Over-the-counter pain medications break the cycle of pain, restraint, muscle tension and more pain through the tension.
  • Nature also has pain-relieving ingredients: devil's claw, willow bark extract, cayenne pepper tincture or ointment.
  • If enough mobility is available, you should treat yourself to a hot bath or a long shower.
  • Protection is no longer recommended today, that is to say no multi-day bed rest.

Treatment of a lumbago

If the pain persists for more than three days, the self-treatment limit is reached and a doctor's visit is necessary. Otherwise, a vicious circle of pain and tension develops, which is "noted" in the pain memory of the body and provides a chronification of the back complaints.

If the pain lasts longer than two weeks, it must also be determined by X-ray examinations or computed tomography, if a herniated disc is behind the lumbago. Because it requires a more intensive treatment. The doctor will first try to determine the cause of the witch attack.

The more successful the cause, the more successful the treatment. Examples of targeted medical treatment are, for example, chirotherapy, ie the blocking of blocked vertebrae or of the inter-iliac joint, or, in the case of joint wear, the injections of a locally acting analgesic.

The regulation of physical therapy and physiotherapy is especially useful if it is mainly a muscle problem. Chiropractic measures on the lumbar spine are also performed by qualified physiotherapists or physiotherapists. Physiotherapy itself is usually not possible with acute lumbago, but helps in the aftermath to strengthen the back muscles and thus prevent relapse.

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