Pacemaker - what does a patient have to pay attention to?

What must a pacemaker patient pay attention to?

After the operation, the pacemaker is programmed to best fit the needs of the patient. The data is entered into the pacemaker card that you receive after implantation. Always carry it with you - so it can be controlled in case of unclear arrhythmia, whether your little helper is the trigger!

Increase in performance

Many patients feel an improvement in their performance. While in the first weeks after the operation you will still be physically restricted by a little bit of soreness, you will be able to practice almost any sport later on - but you should avoid martial arts and archery.

Beware with electronic devices

Since pacemakers make no noise, your little additional device will eventually become more and more obvious to you. Nevertheless, you should not forget it in the vicinity of certain other electronic devices: Magnetic resonance imaging, which generate a strong electromagnetic field, can influence your pacemaker in its function.

Even retail security systems located in department stores in the entry and exit areas can temporarily disrupt your pacemaker. However, this phenomenon rarely occurs. You should always keep your shaver or hair dryer at a distance of about 20 centimeters; your mobile phone is also theoretically a source of interference. However, it is only very rarely actually a problem.

Sources of danger with the pacemaker

Let your doctor inform you about possible sources of danger! Even holidays and even air travel are easily possible, but do not forget your pacemaker card. At airports, your pacemaker can alert the metal detectors and then your ID card will help educate.

Worries about a sudden failure of the device are unnecessary in today's models. At regular follow-up examinations, the function of the small but extremely efficient helper is checked. Look forward to your electronic miracle apparatus!

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