Heart and heat: tips for hot summer days

Finally summer has arrived. Thousands of people pour into the outdoor pool. The beer gardens are booming and barbecues are taking place everywhere. But not everyone is happy about the hot season. Especially older people, especially those who suffer from heart problems, often tolerate the high temperatures only badly.

Prevent the risk of heat stroke

Fatigue, dizziness, muscle cramps or confusion can be the result of extreme heat. And in extreme cases, even a heat stroke with circulatory collapse threatens. So that such problems do not even occur and you can enjoy the summer carefree, advises the German Heart Foundation, on hot days a few simple tips to follow.

Adjust drinking quantity

It is particularly important to drink enough, because sweating can quickly lose several liters of fluid. Even people who are not allowed to drink so much because of heart failure, for example, should increase their hydration a bit on hot days. If the ideal amount is unclear, this should be discussed with the attending physician.

In addition, the right choice of drink plays a significant role. Because when you sweat large amounts of sodium chloride, magnesium and other electrolytes are lost, which must be returned to the body. Suitable are, for example, mineral water or fruit juices, which can also be mixed together. Also useful (exception: people with difficult to set high blood pressure) are vegetable broths, which compensate for the high saline loss in heavy sweating.

It is not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages. Although a cold beer quenches the thirst in the short term, but in the long term, the systemic circulation liquid withdrawn, which is an unnecessary burden for the organism. Also, the drinks should not be too cold, as this can stimulate the body's heat production.

Movement: No top sporting achievements

Although heat can severely weaken the cardiovascular system, exercise is important even in summer. However, you should move sports activities on really hot days to the early morning or late evening. Recommended activities are, for example, walks in the cooler forest or a small bike ride, in which one of the wind blows refreshing around the ears. Of course, you should not start with peak performance, but allow the body time to acclimatize.

Diet: Better often and easily

Also the eating habits should be adapted to the summer heat. The motto is: I would like to take many smaller than a few sumptuous meals. Particularly well-tolerated is the so-called Mediterranean diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. An ideal salad for example is a simple salad with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Add a little lemon and olive oil. And even at the barbecue, the healthy diet does not have to fall by the wayside. Instead of pork knuckle, bacon and bratwurst, poultry or fish are offered. In addition, peppers, zucchini and mushrooms grilled are excellent.

What should be considered with the medicines?

The problem may be the intake of certain medications in midsummer. For example, antihypertensive drugs often need to be slightly reduced during the summer months. Because heat can additionally lower the blood pressure, which then leads to undesirably low values. However, changes should only be made in consultation with the doctor.

Also critical are drugs whose active ingredients can sensitize the skin to the sun's rays. On sunny days then threaten massive redness or blisters of the skin. These preparations include, among others, the heart medication amiodarone and the antibiotic doxycycline and St. John's wort, which many people take for depressive moods. Consequently, these products should be taken on sunny days for proper skin protection. So choose sun creams with a very high sun protection factor and put on sun hats or peaked caps.

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