Herpes - Causes

Herpesviruses are distributed worldwide. They are transmitted from the bladder contents by direct contact, for example when kissing or by droplets when coughing or sneezing. Even sharing a towel or drinking glass can lead to infection.

Infection mostly in childhood

It is not known exactly how many people carry the virus, but estimates that a large part of them are infected: around 85 percent with type 1 and 25 percent with type 2. For most people, the first infection (most of them are already in childhood) takes place unnoticed, and only in some of the virus carriers it comes to the well-known recurrent outbreaks.

Trigger of herpes attacks

These are triggered by strains - physical or mental. They are particularly common in acute and especially febrile diseases, in which the immune system is seized with the defense of other pathogens. Therefore, the popular name also touches cold sores.

Also, strong sunlight, injuries or periods bleeding are situations in which it often comes to cold sores. Even mental stress such as disgust, fright or fear can trigger an attack.

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