Herpes - Symptoms

The first infection almost always goes unnoticed. If it comes to disease symptoms, the following symptoms occur:

  • general malaise
  • high fever
  • numerous painful blisters in and around the mouth, which lead to bad breath and the child to refrain from eating and drinking
  • In the area of ​​the jaw and neck, the lymph nodes are swollen.

This complaint complex in the case of the herpes first disease is also referred to as oral rash or in technical terms stomatitis aphthosa.

Herpetic encephalitis: encephalitis due to herpes

In very small children or people with a deficiency of weakness, the herpes virus in such a primary infection can rarely extend to other areas of the body and, for example, lead to extensive dermatitis (herpes eczema) or life-threatening encephalitis (herpes encephalitis).

Lip blisters: Activation of the herpes virus in the body

The familiar symptoms of cold sores are caused by activation of the virus in the body. The first signs are tingling and a feeling of tension or even a painful itching - usually on the lip.

A short time later show the typical cold sore, which are usually in groups. They are initially filled with a clear (very contagious!) Liquid, which later becomes cloudy. The bubbles flow together, burst and dry out. The crust heals within a few days - after just over a week, it's all over.

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