Helicobacter pylori - diagnosis and therapy

Helicobacter: diagnosis by gastroscopy

Today physicians can determine beyond doubt with modern diagnostic procedures, whether Helicobacter pylori settles in the stomach.

Fear, wrong shame ago: The safest method of investigation for Helicobacter pylori is gastroscopy, the gastroscopy, in which you can see the stomach and duodenum through a thin flexible tube and take painless tissue samples. The "tube swallowing" is a bit uncomfortable, but within a few minutes survived.

Tests for the detection of Helicobacter pylori

Other examination methods such as the breath, stool or blood test are more comfortable for the patient than the gastroscopy. However, their results do not reveal anything about the condition of the stomach, whether a gastritis or an ulcer has spread.

Helicobacter pylori: therapy

The diagnosis "Helicobacter pylori" is the first step to therapy. Most effectively, Helicobacter pylori is checkmated with a triple combination therapy. This so-called triple therapy includes a gastric acid inhibitor and two antibiotics and lasts for seven days.

At a consensus conference, leading international Helicobacter pylori experts have advocated the use of pantoprazole as stomach acid inhibitors and amoxicillin and clarithromycin as antibiotics. This combination prevents from the outset failures due to antibiotic resistance of the pathogen.

Do not stop treatment in H. pylori prematurely

The affected person feels already after two to three days of tablet improvement an improvement of his symptoms, because the gastric acid inhibitor obstructs the production of acid in the stomach and thus protects the damaged gastric mucosa.

As a result, the sufferer tends to grind the therapy or to stop altogether. But it is important that the therapy be continued for the remaining days, because only after this time the two antibiotics have the opportunity to attack Helicobacter pylori.

The therapy can be carried out particularly easily with a 7-day pack containing all three medicines in the correct dosage.

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