Help onion bags against earache?

Earache should be examined by the doctor to avoid permanent damage. Many people have ever had the painful experience. Onion bags are a popular home remedy for earache. But do they really help?

Causes of earache

The causes of earache are manifold. However, they often occur in the fall together with colds. Then there are especially many bacteria and viruses in the nose and throat area. These enter through the Eustachian tube (Eustachian tube) from the nasopharynx to the inner ear and trigger a middle ear infection there.

Earache is not only very painful, but often cause hearing loss, dizziness, fever or ear noise. Most children are affected by a middle ear infection, since the Eustachian tube is shorter than that of adults.

Inflammation of the external ear canal in adults is also often associated with earache. It can be caused by injury with cotton swabs or by penetrating bath water.

But not all types of earache are directly related to ear discomfort. For example, diseases of the teeth, the temporomandibular joint or the mouth and nose area can also lead to earache.

Treatment with onion bag

The complaints often occur in the evening or at night. Here sufferers can try to relieve the pain with the help of onion bags. The onions are diced and wrapped in a clean cotton cloth. It is important that if possible only one layer of material between onion and ear and the packets are small. These can be easily clamped under a headband or a cap. The packet can be put on warm and cold. Depending on how the patient is more comfortable.

If the pain has not improved the next day, it is advisable to see a doctor. A doctor's visit is necessary if

  • the pain takes longer and gets stronger,
  • Fever is added
  • a hearing loss occurs,
  • Ear noises and dizziness occur
  • Self-treatment does not improve.

Timely treatment can help to avoid permanent damage.

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