Hoarseness - What to do?

Hoarseness: duration and symptoms

If the hoarseness lasts more than two weeks, in addition severe pain or respiratory distress occurs, you should consult an ear, nose and throat doctor. For example, the doctor will ask you about the duration of hoarseness, other symptoms such as pain, fever or difficulty breathing and previous surgeries, or if you have had contact with chemical irritants such as ammonia or hydrochloric acid.

Hoarseness: examination and diagnosis

During the physical examination, he looks closely at your mouth and throat and scans the lymph nodes. If an infection is detected, he makes a swab and creates a culture. So he can find out which pathogen is the cause of the inflammation. A blood test can also help.

To examine the larynx closely, the doctor performs a laryngoscopy, a laryngoscope examination. Although this may be uncomfortable for you, it can, however, especially if you then do some language exercises, determine whether the vocal folds move the same side or whether they are limited in mobility. It can then be carried out further examinations such as ultrasound, X-ray, magnetic resonance tomography or computed tomography, for example, to exclude a tumor.

Treat hoarseness

If the hoarseness is caused by a cold or a slight strain on the voice, you can do a great deal to bring the mucous membrane back to normal. Otherwise the doctor will help you.

Hoarseness: what to do? Act yourself!

  • Most important is to save the voice. Avoid talking and whispering yourself, because that strains the vocal cords.
  • Hot drinks such as herbal teas and steam baths with, for example, chamomile relieve the scratchy feeling in the throat.
  • Pour a handful of sage leaves into half a liter of boiling water and then let the mixture soak for five minutes. Then drain the liquid, add a teaspoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of honey and gargle with this solution several times a day. Spit the solution after gargling.
  • The sucking of throat drops stimulates the production of saliva and keeps the throat moist.
  • Dry indoor air, especially in winter, can be combated with a humidifier or damp cloth.
  • Eat chives - this strengthens the vocal cords!
  • Both active and passive smoking (smoky pubs!) Are absolutely taboo.
  • Put some quark on a damp cloth and tie the cloth around your neck. Wrap another linen cloth and then a woolen cloth over it. Let the Qarkwickel work overnight.

Hoarseness: treatment by a doctor

In case of an infection, the doctor may initiate treatment with antibiotics. The vocal cord nodules, Reinke's edema and polyps of the vocal folds must always be operated on. Usually a microsurgical procedure is sufficient or a laser scalpel is used - both methods are gentle and relatively bloodless. A malignant tumor requires extensive treatment with surgery, chemotherapy and / or radiation.

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