Therapeutic fasting at home

Whether religious, spiritual or social: fasting is about the same age as humanity. As many motivations for fasting as there are as many different types of fasting can be selected. In addition to the possibility to implement fasting in clinics, monasteries or special hotels, fasting at home can be another option.

Fasting at home: plan healthy fasting

Healthy or unhealthy - there are different views on fasting. Those who believe in fasting rely on the possible positive effects for the body and the mind. Fasting should lead to well-being and vitality, as well as strengthen the immune system, since the intestine is completely cleansed.

If you want to fast, you will first ask yourself how and where he can perform the fasting. For most, home is the closest option. In the usual environment you are not exposed to any external compulsion and can carry out your project as you would like it to.

Important: If you are healthy, you can fast, even at home. All who suffer from chronic pre-existing conditions, the project "therapeutic fasting" necessarily before medical clarification. If you want fasting, you need a good dose of discipline, whether it be in the fasting at home or elsewhere.

Fasting: losing weight possible and healthy?

Although many associate with fasting to lose weight automatically, weight loss in fasting is just a side effect, albeit a pleasing one for many. However, fasting is not to be compared with a diet for pure weight loss. The primary goal of fasting is to cleanse the body. Toxic substances present through the lifestyle should be released and excreted with the help of a fasting cure.

Especially in the first days of fasting water is mainly excreted and not about the unloved fat cells to deal with. In addition, it should be noted: Who after the fasting past his previous eating habits completely resumed, will also feel the lost kilos quickly.

But: fasting can be, among many other possible positive effects, ideal to change the diet in the long term and thereby abandon old eating habits overboard. In addition, the fasting cure can also serve as a preparation for a subsequent diet.

Fasting at home: Instructions

Fasting in one's own environment can bring many benefits, because it is well known that you feel most comfortable at home. However lurk in the usual environment a few traps, which can favor the premature termination of a fasting cure. Therefore, it is important to make some preparations that will make it easier to carry out the planned fasting at home.

  1. Buy before fasting all the food needed for the relief and the construction day. So you can avoid being seduced in the supermarket to buy habitual food.
  2. Talk about your project. Because colleagues, family members or friends can help you with fasting, while on fasting days that are difficult for you, motivating for you.
  3. Remove as many foods as possible from your refrigerator that might be particularly appealing to you during your fasting, such as chocolate pudding or sausage. If there are other family members living with you, a joint effort, such as "We all for one week abstain from sweets", could encourage your fasting at home and bring about a positive effect for everyone else.
  4. Keep in mind that fasting, especially in the first few days, can lead to your body not being in full swing. You may feel tired and tired. Start with the fasting at home best on the weekend or on a day off.
  5. At home, treat yourself to the calm you need while fasting.
  6. Plan exercise in your fasting. Long walks in the air are a boon for the body. But gentle sports, such as yoga can be an ideal supplement for the fasting at home. Especially with yoga, the effect of inner peace and mental clarity can be strengthened and positively support fasting at home.
  7. As a smoker, try to avoid it when you are fasting at home. The inhaled cigarette smoke pollutes the body unnecessarily and can reduce the effect of internal body cleansing.
  8. Even if you are fasting at home, you should not do it on your own. Get advice from your doctor or pharmacist beforehand. In principle, only healthy people should be advised to fast at home alone.
  9. Reward yourself for fasting every day with a little something that will delight you, such as a visit to the cinema, theater tickets or fresh flowers.
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