Prevent skin cancer with skin cancer screening

For all forms of skin cancer, the earlier skin cancer is detected, the better the chances of recovery. From the age of 35, health insurants in Germany are entitled to a skin check for skin cancer screening every 2 years in order to prevent skin cancer. But it is better if you also have your own skin and symptoms for skin cancer in view.

Skin cancer screening: Look closely, palpate thoroughly

Even precursors of skin cancer can already be detected and felt. Watch for skin changes, new liver spots or changes in existing moles. Itching and bleeding are also suspicious for skin cancer. Check your skin regularly, preferably in daylight and with the help of a mirror (or your partner).

Skin cancer: As a precaution, the ABCD rule

Use the suspected mole spot estimation according to the ABCD rule:

  • A (symmetry): shape that is not uniformly elongated or round but uneven
  • B (marginalization): edges that are not sharp, but washed out and rough, like frayed
  • C (olour): color that is not uniform but speckled (pink, gray, black, dotted, crusty pads)
  • D (diameter): size exceeding 5 mm at the widest point

If at least one of these points is related to a mole, you should see a doctor to rule out a malignant tumor or skin cancer. Better once too much than too late. And the most important precautionary measure against skin cancer is: Avoid direct and intensive sun exposure and always protect yourself from sunburn with sunscreen, headgear and clothing! Then skin cancer has only a small chance.

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